Dog Brushes

A good dog brush goes a long way when it comes to cat grooming. A dog comb or brush not only demats your dog’s coat and prevents tangles, but it also releases essential oils. There are several benefits to grooming your dog.  Dog grooming gives you the opportunity to check for and catch parasites like ticks and fleas. Grooming also helps deepen the bond between you and your precious pet. The best brush for your dog depends on the length of his coat. On petneeds you’ll also find dog flea comb products to help you get rid of dog. fleas and ticks while you wait for treatment to work. Groom your pretty doggie , and keep his coat shiny and healthy with the best dog brush from petneeds.

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Cat Brush Double Sided for Cats and Kittens


Cat hair Slicker Brush


Pet Grooming Glove-For Cats and Dogs


Pet Pin Brush-Comb for Cats and Dogs


Pet Slicker Grooming Brush

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